Buying a Mercedes 280 TE in Thailand

We have been searching for a classic car in Thailand for quite a long time already. Thailand doesn’t have a big classic car scene, there are not many classic cars on the market and if there is something for sale, it’s usually too expensive, too poor condition or usually both.

Our idea is exploring South East Asia by car, so it has to be suitable for thousands of kilometers of road trips. That means we need something reliable, roomy, comfortable, powerful, easy to maintain and to repair…. and this is our choice: A 1979 Mercedes 280 TE in bright orange color!

We bought the car in Bangkok for 8.800 € which we think is a really good deal. It’s in good usable condition and has an artic cold air con modification, the most important feature here in Thailand. The first adventure was the 900 km trip from Bangkok to our home in Phuket, fully documented in one of our Youtube videos: